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Longhorn Hatband


    Longhorn Hatbands

Select from two new Longhorn Hatters Hatbands. Shown here are two selections: Longhorn with rope braid outline concho, and Longhorn oval shaped concho.

 Each band is one inch custom cut brown leather with backing with seven silver Longhorn conchos. Bands are adjustable to all hat sizes from back of band with leather lacing. When ordering, denote which band suits your fancy.

    Price: USD$50.00

    Select Style:
    Select Style:

Rattlesnake Hatband



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Click 4 large view








Diamondback Rattlesnake Hatband

    Rattlesnake Hatband (Prairie Rattler)

    This band is fully adjustable to fit all sizes with rattle mounted on left side of the hat. The band is 1" wide with pig skin backing.

    Price: USD $75.00


    Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Hatband

    Outstanding marking. The band is 1" wide with pig skin backing. It is mounted to show trail hardships with wrinkles around the tail section. The hatband is fully adjustable.
    Price: USD$85.00


    Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Hatband
    with head and tail mounted (as shown in picture, hat not included)

    Adjustable to all sizes. The band is 1" wide with pig skin backing.

    Price: USD$180.00

Whipsnake Hatband
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    Shown, is a picture of a pair of Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Ear Rings. Mounted on Sterling Silver Pierced Ear Ring Studs, and accented with turquoise color, and dark brown wooden beads with snippets of Rattlesnake Skin, this set is a MUST for Cowgirls at any Rodeo or Honky Tonk Dance Hall. Definitely a Texas Conversation Piece!!!.
    Price: USD$30.00
Horsetail Hatbands

  • Horsetail Hatbands (DISCONTINUED)

    Great patterns: one strand, two strand, round pattern. all equipped with two tassles.

    Horse Tail Bands - Round - Price: USD$12.00

    Two Braid - no Tassels USD$18.00
    Triple Braid with Tassels - Price: USD$20.00
Star Concho Hatband

Click 4 large view
Click 4 large view

    Star Concho Hatband

    Black strip leather with seven silver star conchos. Silver Buckle adjustment is set for all sizes.
    Price: USD$50.00
    Buffalo Nickel Hatband

    Seven highly polished Buffalo Nickels, mounted on 3/4" strap leather. Pigskin backing. All bands are adjustable with Nickel Silver Buckle set up to fit all sizes.

      Price: USD$60.00

    Kansas Buffalo Head Quarter Hatband

    Same as the the Buffalo Nickel hatband with the exception of being mounted on 1" strap leather.

    Price: USD$60.00


Python Hatband
    Python Hatband

Beautiful white, grey, and black patterns make this the top of the line. A great addition to your hat no matter what color.

Adjustable to fit all hats with Silver Buckle set for all sizes.

    Price: USD$120.00

Rattlesnake Belt

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When measuring for a belt, add twelve inches to actual size. example: if you wear an actual belt size of 36” the belt should be made for 48” allowing six inches for snaps, etc. to attach belt buckle. belt fits both kinds of buckles, tongued and one piece. allow two to three weeks for delivery as each belt is made on an order to order basis, and skin availability.

 Rattlesnake Belt USD$250.00 (Western Diamondback - upon availibility)

     Python Belt USD$150.00 
    Cobra Belt USD$150.00 (DISCONTINUED)
    Whip Snake Belt USD$80.00 (DISCONTINUED) Nic Nacs>



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