Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp lived in a time when there was no law and order. Along with his Brothers, Virgil and Morgan, they had an impact on taming the Wild West. The most famous escapade of the Earp’s along with Doc Holliday was the “THE GUN FIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL”, in Tombstone, Arizona.

    This Black High Grade 100% Wool Felt copy of the hat Kevin Costner wore in the film, WYATT EARP, comes equipped with a black ¾” Grosgrain Ribbon Hatband, 4” front crown slope, and a 3 ½” brim with a ¼” pin roll.

    This hat would make Billy Clanton and The McLaury Brothers run for the ranch!! When Wyatt Earp died in January, 1929, two of the Pall Bearers at his Funeral were Western Stars Tom Mix, and William S. Hart. It was reported that Tom Mix openly wept.

    Sizes from 6 7/8 to 7 ¾ available. 5X Beaver Fur Felt available upon request for $380.00.

      Price: USD$180.00

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