In order for this whole experience to be successful, you MUST be organized.


*Wash the green beans. Cut the ends off, and break them in half.

*Cut the half pound of bacon up. Put both in a pot.

*Fill pot with water until it covers the green beans and bacon.

*Add two table spoons of black pepper

* Very little salt is needed because of the bacon, but you can add more by the "taste factor"... if it needs it, add it.

*Bring to a boil, and then cover and turn to low heat, checking periodically for more water to add. NOTE: These are not steamed vegetables, they are cooked so they won't be half-raw and crunchy - they need to be soft.


*Wash each potato and cut it in quarters (four pieces)

*Put cut potatoes in pot with water (DO NOT PEEL THE POTATO. LEAVE THE SKIN ON!)

*Bring water and potatoes to a boil* Drain all excess water. Cover, and let sit while the steaks are being prepared.

*During steak frying, add two cups of cream and one-third of a pound of butter to potatoes and with a potato masher whip and blend. Add a little salt and black pepper. *Cover while steaks are cooking

*Check on green beans


Set up one bowl, the first 3" deep pan, the second 3" deep pan, and a large plate in a line. Cover area with paper towels- you will make a mess

EXAMPLE: (bowl), (pan 1), and (pan 2)

*Pour buttermilk into bowl about half way

*Put flour into first pan (about one-third full). Add two tsps. Salt, and three tsps. Black pepper. Mix together thoroughly

*Cut Round Steak into smaller steaks (about five pieces per steak)

*Place all of these cuts in second 3" pan

*Take your skillet and place on burner. Add enough Crisco to cover skillet about one half of an inch when melted. Set on medium heat

*Take one cut steak, and dip it into the bowl with buttermilk

*Next, dip it into the flour gently pressing steak on both sides into flour mixture

*Repeat process with the buttermilk and flour and put "finished" steak on large oval plate

*Check on mashed potatoes and green beans


Test the grease to see that it is ready for frying by sprinkling some water in the skillet. If it crackles we're ready for frying.

*Drop four to five breaded steaks in skillet

*When light brown on one side, turn steak over and fry other side. (If you need more cooking oil during the process, add, but make sure the oil is hot before proceeding. If not, the steak's batter will be muggy.

* After steaks are fried, place on large oval plate to drain covering each row with a paper towel

*Check on mashed potatoes, and green beans


Making country gravy is a one of a kind art. All of the drippings from the skillet are used in this process.

You will need to have at least three cans of Pet milk opened, a mixture of flour and water (for thickening), salt, pepper, a spatula,(for stirring), and a glass of water to reduce thickening.

Pour ALL three cans of Pet milk in the "grease" and mix. Next, slowly pour the flour and water mixture into skillet for thickening, add a little salt and pepper into mixture. Taste as you go. Watch the amount of salt you put in....this is supposed to be sweet gravy. If the grave gets too thick (and it will) add, and mix in a little water to thin it. Not too much, it will make your gravy bland. If this does happen add salt and pepper, plus a little more Pet milk.

Let's review.

Chicken Fried Steaks done?

Green Beans done?

Mashed Potatoes done?

Cream Gravy done?

Everything hot?

Ok. This will be served "Family Style". Put all in separate bowls, a stack of Texas bread or rolls at either end of the table, and a special platter for our "Guest of Honor" the CHICKEN FRIED STEAK.

You can decorate your table with a red and white checked table cloth, colorful napkins, and a Cactus center piece, and presto, a Southern cooked meal.


Remember the pies? Two Apple. Heat in 350 degree oven until crust is a golden brown, and for God's sake, don't forget the Vanilla ice cream. ENJOY!!!

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