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FINALLY, after a year in production, my CD is finally finished!!!

It’s about a musical career that has spanned over 50 plus years!
The thirteen Selections include the first recording done at the age of six, songs from three past Vinyl albums, a live recording of my California based band TIMBERLINE, and a few more recently written originals.

Appropriately, the CD is called DON LIVINGSTON.....…“TIME MACHINE“.

So,….., on behalf of the Orchestra, The Dancing Girls, and a Cast of 1000's, take a trip through time, and enjoy!!! - Don Livingston

Dr. Cletus Shepard says, "Don Livingston's CD made me dance for the first time in 27 years, and grew hair on my head so I had to order a new hat from LONGHORN HATTERS!"


The CD is really lovely Don. It felt like you were right in the room, talking/singing. I really enjoyed the ballads you sang....., they really showed off your singing voice!!!
Janet, NJ

"Don, Love the CD!! More importantly, I love your singing and songwriting. So easy to listen to. You sing with wonderful expression and timing with your delivery. I do remember a couple from a cassette you gave me back in the early 90's (?) at the Captain Bartlett Inn in Fairbanks, Alaska. I remember a tune you played and sang for me called "DOUBLE TROUBLE". Keep Writing Don,
Lyle Dockendorff, Milwaukie, Oregon (Musician, Teacher, & Arranger)"
The album looks great Donald. I'm proud of you. It sounds great too. Great chronicle to your music after all these years...
Robert (MY LITTLE BROTHER) Livingston (Musician Extraordinaire)

Don, Just finished listening to your new CD "Time Machine" and enjoyed your musical journey over the years! Thanks much for putting this fine album together. It's a great keepsake to our friendship, and I think others will really enjoy it!
Al Diliberto, San Antonio, Texas

Don: Thanks for the CD. It arrived yesterday, and I've had a chance to
listen through it. I especially like the running commentary, and the
song "You're always here to say good morning...". I hope you get good response from it.
Andy Wilkinson, Artist in Residence, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Don,Smiled all the way through your CD. SILVER DREAMS brought me right back to Aspen on the chair lift with you - skiing down to stuff ourselves with crepes and apple cider. JUST EASIN' brought my spirits way up - LOVED IT!!!!- Paul (brother) loved it as well. Good mix - could see you on stage singing....., thank you SO MUCH for the personal message!!
Holly Thornton, Stateline, Nevada

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Don Livingston: Don Livingston......"Time Machine"

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